make war not law

The warnings of Kim Hyong-o seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. The BBC shows some great footage of the confrontation between lawmakers from the opposition party and security guards. This is just the latest (over) reaction to Lee Myung-bak’s proposals. The laws being proposed and recent controversial issues such as the re-introduction of US beef imports are far from popular among certain elements of the Korean population. However, rather than constructively counter the policy proposals or stage a clever campaign to inform the public of the implications of some of these proposed laws the opposition has chosen to resort to posturing and good ol brinkmanship. Nothing screams ‘vocal minority’ like a group of violent lawmakers who see no other option than to stage a sit-in in Parliament. 

2MB himself would be very foolish to pay the slightest attention to these oppositional forces. I don’t agree with 2MB’s policies but if I got elected with a clear majority and had only been in power for one year (out of a five year term) I wouldn’t pay any attention to these opposition forces. It may well be that 2MB is being hardline and non-compromising but its impossible to tell if 2MB when the opposition is CLEARLY being unreasonable. The current circumstances look too much like a black kettle and a similarly coloured pot engaged in a heated and ridiculous argument to be bothered listening any further.


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