Freedom of Opinion

The Opinion column of The Korea Times has been getting a lot of coverage in the K-blogosphere lately. I too, wish to shamelessly jump on the band wagon.  But not to criticise them as many are doing, but because I think they are doing a good job. The latest is this GEM of an op-ed by Jessica Kim. I don’t know who she is but she gives us all a piece of her mind in the latest op-ed of the Korea Times. She seems to argue that its the fault of crazy Korean mothers that unqualified white people come to Korea to teach English. Roboseyo does not like Ms Kim’s opinion and he, in turn, gives her a piece of his mind.

But Ms Kim is really amateur in gaining the attention of the K-blogoshpere. Jon Huer, whose recent opinions featured in the Korea Times have become highly read thanks to the frequent criticism levelled at him by K-bloggers. Among them is the Marmot, Brian in Jeollanam-do, and Korea Beat. For slightly more positive takes on Jon’s articles see Roboseyo and Paul Ajosshi. I was going to do my own top ten list but turns out I’m too lazy. Maybe I’ll tackle that in my next post. I agree with the more positive takes, I have enjoyed reading Jon’s column. Though I doubt anyone would agree with all of what he says – but that is partly the point.

And then we had Shelton Bumgarner give us his comparison between ‘people he’s met in Korea’ and ‘evil dressed as a clown’. In truth, his article didn’t make much sense to me. I don’t think it had a point.

Here’s my point: Opinions have a place in an opinion piece – why criticise the Korea Times for giving space to people who happen to have strong opinions? Should be more of it.

UPDATE: The opinion piece by Jessica Kim is now also getting much attention via the Marmot. And Brian from Jeollanam-do is also not impressed.  Korea Times should be feeling pretty happy about all the free publicity.


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