We visited to Bristol at the end of the August – it really was month for travel. The weather was a bit windy and cold but Bristol itself seemed very nice. Banksy, the artist whose hometown is Bristol was holding an exhibition

We didn’t see the exhibition because the line was VERY VERY LONG. It sent out the museum and along the footpath, then in the next side street there were queue barriers up and down the street which were full and then more people going around the corner! For three days that we saw the line it was like that from morning to closing time. I took a picture of his street art instead.

There is a piece of Banksy’s work next to the bus stop near my office so I always get to enjoy his work.

We saw other stuff instead which was all very nice. Bristol Cathedral was lovely with an exceptional chapter house. The suspension bridge by Brunel was as impressive as everyone said it would be.

Clifton Suspension Bridge across Avon Gorge

Clifton Suspension Bridge across Avon Gorge

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral

Art by Banksy

Art by Banksy


1 Response to “Bristol”

  1. January 29, 2010 at 12:28 am

    Shout out for my home city and the K-culture!
    I went to the Banksy exhibition, I arrived at 7am on a Sunday for the 11am opening. I snuck off at 8am and the queue was already at maximum capacity of probably 1000+ people!

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