Climate Change – a blog action day post

Today is blog action day. The topic this year is Climate Change. Last year I was too lazy to get around to participating but this year I have sorted myself out. Now the trick is finding something to say about the topic. I have no ambition that what I say will actually be interesting or relevant.

I remember a line from John Stewart of The Daily Show that whether or not you agree with climate change, surely what humans are doing can’t be good. This is pretty much my stance. Maybe climate change is happening. Maybe that change is being caused by human behaviour. Maybe its not caused by humans. Maybe climate change is not happening at all I don’t know and given that I believe humans and certainly nations are not going to ‘fix it’ I really don’t care – we’re all doomed anyway. If not climate change, horribly deadly viruses will get us.

I do my part as it is. I recycle, I don’t own a car, I walk a lot and catch public transport. Until I moved into an apartment earlier this year I was even growing some of my own vegetables and recycling all vegetable waste. I don’t shower too often. I turn off the lights when I leave the room and I sent away for my free environmentally friendly light bulbs (even though I live in a rental). I read when others may choose to play on their Wii or DS (or whatever you call them). I eat more vegetarian meals in a week than meat meals. So when, or if, climate change comes and kills us all, I’ll die with a sense of moral outrage and that others have caused my death by their wasteful and ignorant ways.

I think a reason to change behaviour, for those who don’t subscribe to the climate change argument, is that the noise, the loud, horrible noise of cars, the poisonous pollution they make us breathe in and out, and in and out until we’re sick, and the frustration of traffic and rude, bad and/or dangerous drivers that upset us and sometimes kill us with their reckless ways should be enough to make us believe that things need to change.

Of course, not just cars, but factories that produce crap after pile of crap we don’t need. Or worse yet, produce weapons and military products whose production not only produces horrible poisonous waste but the end product too is designed specifically to ensure our untimely death. Climate change could be a worry but when there are so many horrible deaths awaiting us, are we sure climate change is the one we want to prioritise?


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