Kimjongilia and the APPG

The NGO NK Gulag is currently in London doing some awareness raising and lobbying about the situation of human rights in North Korea, in particular the gulags. This evening there was a session with the All Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea (APPG) with NK Gulag. The format was two North Koreans who have spent time in North Korean prison camps to give testimony and then we had some Q&A. The testimony should be fairly familiar to those who know about the prison camps and regulars to One Free Korea‘s website. The event was organised, or at least supported by Christian Solidarity Worldwide. At the end of the meeting we were asked to raise awareness of what is happening in North Korea – its very bad. And we were also pointed to some materials, including, to my happy surprise, copies of the latest documentary on North Korea: Kimjongilia. One Free Korea links to some further information about this documentary.

I watched the movie this evening when I got home. It is quite watchable (given the depressing topic), interesting, and most importantly, not hyperbolic, overly superlative, or prone to unfortunate Konglish translations which can sometimes be the case. For those who are not already familiar with many of the testimonies will undoubtedly find it moving. For me, I had already heard several of these testimonies, some of them first-hand. It did lack an underlying message on what to do about this horrible situation but I think ultimately that makes it stronger because it avoids any agenda and leaves the watcher with their own thoughts. And hopefully with a desire to find out more and what they can do.


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