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Vienna and my new red hat

As the year draws to a close I have been faced with the problem of having to take outstanding annual leave before the year end, or else lose it. After much indecision about where to go, if anywhere and how much money I was willing to spend I was left a frazzled mess. It was agreed to write down the names of some places and to pull the destination for a mini-break out of a hat. I bought a ticket for Vienna, Austria as determined by the hat draw.

The mini-break was to arrive on Thursday and leave on Sunday. When thinking of Vienna a few things come to (my) mind. Opera House, Schnitzel, and the Habsburg family. I also added to the list of things to do while in Vienna to buy a new, red, winter hat. I had been looking around for such a hat and thought Vienna might be a good place to pick up a nice hat. My current everyday winter hat is blue and I thought red was the new colour needed and that hats that seem to be inspired by the twenties (or at least from some episodes from Agatha Christie’s Poirot) would be just the thing.

The Opera House was lovely – I saw Simon Boccanegra by Verdi, the Schnitzel was dry, the Imperial Apartments of the Habsburgs was impressive as was the Imperial Art Collection – my favourite was the works by Peiter Bruegel the Elder, and as my for new red hat, I couldn’t be happier with it.

new red hat


Glorious Summer of Noko Jeans

UPDATE: It looks like this product was a bit too controversial for the Swedish department store. The product has been pulled but we are told it can still be purchased on-line.

Noko Jeans made in North Korea are about to go on sale in Sweden. With seemingly very little experience and not much know-how these guys just decided they were curious about North Korean and sought to set up a jean manufacturing agreement with a mining company. They tell us its not a sweatshop thanks to the 10 days one of them spent in North Korea to oversee that standards were kept. Yeah, right. I imagine the North Korean workers are not going to see a fair share of the profits from these USD215.00 a pair jeans.

Apparently the jeans only come in black because denim blue was a bit too close to American capitalist-pig style to get the go-ahead for manufacture in the Socialist Paradise.

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