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Yasujiro Ozu

The BFI is doing a series of films by Yasujiro Ozu who is best known for three movies known as the Noriko trilogy. the last in the trilogy is Tokyo Story, which is regarded as Ozu’s masterpiece. OzuĀ is best known forĀ making films which look into the lives of lower middle class families. He has also done some comedies. I went to see Tokyo Story last night.


This story is of an elderly couple who travel from their rural dwellings to Tokyo to visit their children, who are now grown and married. The Noriko character in this story is the widow of the elderly couple’s son who died (or rather, never returned) after the war. Of all the children she is the one who gives the old parents the most attention. The other children are busy and married and moved on with their lives. The movie reflects on the way Japan has changed so that children now drift away from their parents and develop their own lives. Children become different people from the sons or daughters that they were and their parents can barely recognise them and have less to do with their lives.

The story was slow but it was fascinating to watch these children treat their parents in a way that is very familiar – as a bother who comes to visit and take up their time and sleep in their already crowded and tiny living space when there are so many other things to be getting on with.

The series runs into February so hopefully there will be time to see more of his work.


New Year

A new blog look and female k-blogger list re-visited

For the new year I thought a change of template was in order. This theme is a better colour red than the previous one. So it’ll go faster. I also added a couple new links just for fun.

One of the links I added was Chris in South Korea. I was very interested to see on his blog an update on the list of non-Korean women who live in Korea and blog about Korea in English. This topic was previously discussed by Roboseyo and Brian in Jeollanam-do. I had thought that the list was never actually done, but it was. Who knew?

The list can be found by following a link to an earlier post on Chris’ blog, but its unclear (to me) where this list is now situated. Having a list on an old post is hardly good for promotional purposes. The list needs a home. Also, a couple of the blogs in the list have not been updated for a suspicious length of time. I still think its a big waste of time though. As alluded to in the comments on Chris’ post, these blogs aren’t hidden, they just aren’t popular (comparatively speaking) and for whatever reason that might be, wether its because the issues discussed on certain blogs have a small potential audience or because they aren’t controversial enough or whatever, creating a list isn’t going to address that.

New year resolutions

The good news is that 2010 is the year of the tiger – that’s me!

I have two new year’s resolutions: the first is to get out and about a bit more, join the crowds and be seen. The second is to take up a sport. I have long been thinking of taking up a sport but the ridiculous cold weather always holds me back. But I’m gonna toughen up this year and get involved. Indoor sports could be an option.

I also have two work related resolutions: the first is to do a more work-related readings. This may involve going into work earlier on one day a week to read. Doing more work-related reading should also help with blogging since the regional focus is the same. The second is to get the filing situation under control. The disorder of our files drives me to distraction and it has to end.

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