G20 – Korea was born ready

The question about whether Seoul is ready to host a G20 summit has been going around – by the looks of it with pessimistic opinions. I’d like  to point out a few things which I think may help bring things back into focus.

G20 Summit – is only TWO measly days. This is not a big deal, and it is barely enough time for those visiting to get a few hours sleep.

World leaders won’t actually see anything in Seoul. For those of us who were in Seoul in 2000 for the ASEM meeting it is easy to see how things will go. World leaders and their aides will fly in to Incheon. They will briefly touch the tarmac before getting into a helicopter or chauffered car. They wont’ take public transport and they won’t get stuck in traffic. They won’t talk to any common people, only other G20 delegates and their aides.

Seoul has excellent experience in hosting high level events, including Olympics, World Cup but also as mentioned ASEM, APEC, and possibly others which a quick google search hasn’t immediately revealed. 

So is Seoul ready for G20 – this is going to be a walk in the park. This is about high level logistics, not about the common South Korea on the street, or about subways, buses or even car traffic, And there is unlikely to be any interaction with foreigners. All aides attending the G20 will be working, not sightseeing. The only interaction the South Korea people are going to get is with the police at the protests.


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