Initial observations

I arrived in Korea, just in time for what appears to be growing nuclear fall-out concerns. Luckily I brought a hat.

I arrived early morning into Incheon so I was able to make the most of my first day. The first thing I did was get into a car accident. Well a bus versus motorbike accident when the Incheon airport bus knocked a crazy old ajosshi off his trailer/motorbike on the highway into Seoul. Luckily nobody was hurt and my computer didn’t smash when my bag fell onto the floor in the crash. We all had on our seatbelts and ajosshi had a helmet. The ajosshi was surprisingly calm while the bus driver kept wandering around repeating to himself “he just came out of nowhere”. Eventually we had to get off the bus and wait for another bus to come by to take us the rest of the way.

I then had time to wander around a little. A few initial observations:

– South Korea was hi-tech when I left and is even more impressive now

– all the ticket machines in the subway have English translation – how wonderfully conveninet

– T card – also wonderfully convenient. It can be used for transport and at convenient stores.

– more public spaces and generally cleaner (but maybe I just went to nice parts town)

– What is with the donut obsession?

– Kyobo bookstore has been rearranged – it took me long enough to figure my way around there the first time

Due to jet lag and it being a Monday I didn’t bother to stay up and check out any night life. I went to the office today and will be diving into work from now so I’ll have to wait for the weekends to check out some more.



1 Response to “Initial observations”

  1. March 29, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    How long are you in Korea for?

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