observations on Mongolia (or rather just UB)

I was last in UB in July 2009 for a short two weeks. I am now back in UB, again just for two weeks. Like last time, this is a work trip so my chances to look around are a bit limited. Plus it’s cold and I’m a wimp so I’m spending my evenings indoors. Today however was just lovely – bright blue sky.

A couple of observations between this time and last time:

1. Traffic has gone CRAZY; I don’t remember it being anywhere near this manic last time I was here.

2. last time I wasn’t pick pocketed but I had the joy of that experience this time – my computer charger was stolen. So someone has a charger but no computer and I have a computer I can’t charge – nobody was a winner in this scenario. Now I have to walk around like a paranoid foreigner with my back pack on my front 😦

3. State Department Store seems to have been refurbished – its nicer looking than I remember

4. Footpaths, or the area beside the roads where people walk, are still hazardous for your ankles, especially in heels

5. Crossing the road at night is the single most dangerous activity I have done in several years

Today I visited the ‘black market’ for the first time. It was massive and it was only thanks to our wonderful Mongolian volunteers that we ever managed to find our way out again and to find the things we were looking to buy. Not a big tourist spot though, I only spotted one other foreigner.


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