Kim Jong-il is a goner

This wouldn’t be a blog on Korea if it didn’t have a post of the big news. However, I’m at work so my own thoughts on this will have to wait until later….

So from my own ramblings around the internet today  it seems that there are two critical concerns in light of Kim Jong-il’s death. The first is the security concerns and political instability that could ensue with the succession of a man as young and inexperienced as Kim Jong-un. Although, being a tyrant is more a learn by doing job, I imagine. By some accounts though he is already a ruthless bastard ready to take the helm of his father. I’m not really sure I’ve got enough information to make my own wild speculative prediction on either the chances that the succession will go smoothly or whether Kim the younger is a madman in the same vein as his father and grandfather or not.

The other, more important, concern has been in regards to the future of the Kim Jong-il looking at things blog. At one point tweeters were more concerned on this than other matters relating to the news of Kim’s death. But fortunately the good news came through that the Kim Jong-un looking at things blog was now up and running. A smooth transition of power. Also good to note that part of Kim Jong-un’s training for the succession has included practice at looking at things – an integral part of his job.

Some of the comments coming out from the international community have focused on the need for peace in a time of uncertainty. Hugo Chavez has sent a message of condolences. Human Rights Watch focused on the legacy of mass atrocities left by Kim Jong-il. Amnesty International hopes that, “the new government will step away from the horrific, failed policies of the past” but says it has reports that purges have already begun.




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