Kim Jong Il International Award for Hypocrisy

Yonhap and Korea Times are reporting that North Korea has announced the inauguration of the, soon to be, highly coveted “Kim Jong Il International Award”.

The prize will be granted to political leaders, prestigious scholars and leading businessmen across the world, who have contributed to world peace, social and cultural developments, and struggles for national sovereignty, the KCNA said.

There is a lot of scope here. We know from the Nobel Peace Prize how tricky it can be to determine who is actually contributing to world peace, who is doing stuff that might look or sound good but doesn’t actually end up contributing to world peace, and who really was so antithetical to world peace that any small effort on their part is rewarded as if their measley, inconsequential actions did actually help toward world peace. I won’t name names.

“Social and cultural developments” could mean almost anything. And I’m guessing that candidates qualifying for “struggles for national soverignty” will be more likely to include leaders fighting off outside forces rather than include the Free Tibet movement or grass roots groups (or armed groups) looking to overturn dicatatorial regimes from within a country. It might depend on the ideology of the resistence group.

Gold Medal 10

My top 5 candidates for the first Kim Jong Il International Award (based on what I think their criteria might be)

1. Kim Jong Il (Postumously)

2. Kim Jong Un (cultural development: refurbishing the amusement park)

3. Hugo Chavez


5. Alejandro Cao de Benós de Les y Pérez (President of the Korean Friendship Association

Actually, I think there must be so many great candidates out there. This award is truly going to fill a long-ignored gap in the international award’s scene. 


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