“No-one asked for the Un”

I had been planning to write a very serious, important, and insightful post about how the North Koreans had quickly returned the conversation from human rights and back to the familiar territory of missiles following the release of the UN Commission of Inquiry’s report on human rights abuses in North Korea. But then I too got distracted:

North Korean officials have complained to a hairstylist in London for using a picture of Kim Jong-un in a promotional poster in the window of the salon. Further proof, if needed that North Korean officials in UK really have very little to do. From all accounts, the North Korean officials spotted the poster by chance because the salon is near the embassy.  I wonder where the North Korean’s were going or coming from when they saw the poster.

Poster of Kim Jong-un in the salon

(Poster at M&M Hair Academy)

There is an interview on Radio 4 via the BBC London site. My favourite line in the interview was the hairdresser’s comment that, even though the poster had brought in some business, “No-one asked for the Un“. The Independent soon set this to rights by sending an intrepid reporter to get the Un. Personally I preferred his original cut – the Un looks a bit too boyish. But it looks better on the journalist than it does on Kim.

The update yesterday was that North Korean officials have now asked the UK Foreign Office to do something. The Evening Standard thought that the Foreign Office might refer the diplomats to the police. I hope they do because reports suggest that both the North Korean officials and the hairdresser have already reported the incident to the police. Some totally unhelpful advice from the UK government would fit perfectly into the narrative of an already ridiculous series of events.


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