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Wales, Anime and Birthday

We did a short trip to Cardiff, Wales last week. The weather was windy and cold for the most part put that didn’t dampen our spirits. ┬áThe first day was spend shopping but next day we took a walk to nearby Llandaff to visit the cathedral. The first part of the walk took us through Brute park.

Then on to Llandaff Cathedral

After the walk and the Cathedral we wandered to a nearby pub for lunch and some local ale.

The final day we went down to the dock but it was cold and windy so I didn’t take any photos.

The Skycrawlers

I also saw Mamoru Oshii’s latest movie, The Skycrawlers. Oshii is best known as the Director of Ghost in the Shell.This was a movie is set in an alternative, sci-fi World War II, with eternally adolescent Kildren fighter pilots who live everyday with the knowledge that it could be their last. It is aptly described as “a thought provoking drama boasting stunning art direction but matched by deep character development”. We also got a free movie poster at the end of the movie.

Blog Birthday

Today is the anniversary of the start of this blog. I was advised to avoid dull reminisces of the history of the blog. So I have. (Happy 8th birthday blog!!)


Death Note

I just finished reading the final volume of Deathnote. This AWESOME 12 volume series follows Light Yagami who finds a Deathnote. The Deathnote comes from the realm of the Shinigami or death gods.Ryuk, a shinigami drops his Deathnote on earth and so the story begins. But the most important personal experience for me was discovering that Ryuk, the death god possesses many characteristics which I find appealing. He’s tall and slim and has cool sense of fashion – he has a black punk look with spikey hair that totally suits him. He is always smiling and laughing and enjoys the moment. He’s not afraid to ask questions when he doesn’t understand something. And he loves apples, which is not only healthy but cool. Aside from the whole death god thing, he’s totally cool.

There is also a movie and sequel – I saw the fist one but not the second movie. The first movie was very good but obviously varied from the book due to time constraints or other artist reason. And the anime series, which I now plan to watch as well.

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