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“No-one asked for the Un”

I had been planning to write a very serious, important, and insightful post about how the North Koreans had quickly returned the conversation from human rights and back to the familiar territory of missiles following the release of the UN Commission of Inquiry’s report on human rights abuses in North Korea. But then I too got distracted:

North Korean officials have complained to a hairstylist in London for using a picture of Kim Jong-un in a promotional poster in the window of the salon. Further proof, if needed that North Korean officials in UK really have very little to do. From all accounts, the North Korean officials spotted the poster by chance because the salon is near the embassy.  I wonder where the North Korean’s were going or coming from when they saw the poster.

Poster of Kim Jong-un in the salon

(Poster at M&M Hair Academy)

There is an interview on Radio 4 via the BBC London site. My favourite line in the interview was the hairdresser’s comment that, even though the poster had brought in some business, “No-one asked for the Un“. The Independent soon set this to rights by sending an intrepid reporter to get the Un. Personally I preferred his original cut – the Un looks a bit too boyish. But it looks better on the journalist than it does on Kim.

The update yesterday was that North Korean officials have now asked the UK Foreign Office to do something. The Evening Standard thought that the Foreign Office might refer the diplomats to the police. I hope they do because reports suggest that both the North Korean officials and the hairdresser have already reported the incident to the police. Some totally unhelpful advice from the UK government would fit perfectly into the narrative of an already ridiculous series of events.


England V West Indies

Just spent a great two days at the cricket at Lords – Day 2 & 3 of the England V West Indies test match. Weather was a bit cool for cricket but we saw some great play. We missed Chanderpaul in the first innings but got to see some form on Day 3. And Strauss got a great century with Trott also playing some great shots. And by end of Day 4 its getting very exciting. England 1-1 with Strauss not able to live up to his first innings century. Depending on weather, tomorrow is bound to be interesting.


Unpaid fines

Seems that Korea isn’t the only place where diplomats and other expatriates don’t care about paying traffic fines or parking fees. Turns out its world wide and US leads the way in owing money to UK for failing to pay traffic fines.

LONDON, June 28 (Reuters) – The U.S. embassy in London owes nearly 4 million pounds in traffic fines, Britain’s cash-strapped government said on Monday, naming and shaming diplomats who have ducked congestion charges and parking fees.

Staff at the U.S. diplomatic mission driving on the often overcrowded streets of central London have racked up 35,602 fines for not paying the 8 pound ($12.05) congestion charge payable for using the busiest roads at the busiest times.

Since the charge was introduced in 2003, the running total of unpaid fines for all diplomatic missions has hit 36 million pounds.

British authorities say the fee is a charge for a service that everyone must pay but Washington says it is a tax and diplomats are exempt. Russian diplomats owe 3.2 million pounds and the Japanese embassy has run up a bill of just over 2.7 million pounds for using — but not paying for — the charge zone, which stretches from Kensington in the west to Tower Bridge in the east.



New Year

A new blog look and female k-blogger list re-visited

For the new year I thought a change of template was in order. This theme is a better colour red than the previous one. So it’ll go faster. I also added a couple new links just for fun.

One of the links I added was Chris in South Korea. I was very interested to see on his blog an update on the list of non-Korean women who live in Korea and blog about Korea in English. This topic was previously discussed by Roboseyo and Brian in Jeollanam-do. I had thought that the list was never actually done, but it was. Who knew?

The list can be found by following a link to an earlier post on Chris’ blog, but its unclear (to me) where this list is now situated. Having a list on an old post is hardly good for promotional purposes. The list needs a home. Also, a couple of the blogs in the list have not been updated for a suspicious length of time. I still think its a big waste of time though. As alluded to in the comments on Chris’ post, these blogs aren’t hidden, they just aren’t popular (comparatively speaking) and for whatever reason that might be, wether its because the issues discussed on certain blogs have a small potential audience or because they aren’t controversial enough or whatever, creating a list isn’t going to address that.

New year resolutions

The good news is that 2010 is the year of the tiger – that’s me!

I have two new year’s resolutions: the first is to get out and about a bit more, join the crowds and be seen. The second is to take up a sport. I have long been thinking of taking up a sport but the ridiculous cold weather always holds me back. But I’m gonna toughen up this year and get involved. Indoor sports could be an option.

I also have two work related resolutions: the first is to do a more work-related readings. This may involve going into work earlier on one day a week to read. Doing more work-related reading should also help with blogging since the regional focus is the same. The second is to get the filing situation under control. The disorder of our files drives me to distraction and it has to end.


Helen on a hot summer’s day

Today we headed to the Globe Theatre to see Helen. This is by Euripides but updated Frank McGuiness. It was excellent. Whenever attending the Globe, we always opt for the standing tickets. Not only because they are the cheapest tickets but also because its a better experience. However, there is an exception. On hot days when they shut the entry doors to the standing area, it turns into a mini oven. Today was one such case. Not twenty minutes into the play and I had to join others who had had to step out and sit down for ten minutes to shake off the wave of dizziness that comes with standing up without air in a hot place. Fortunately, I recovered quickly and was able to return to enjoy the rest of the play. That is the second time its been so hot in the theatre I’ve had to leave – last year was a scorcher during King Lear and we were dropping like flies.

On the upside, after the play we headed to the pub and spent the remainder of the afternoon outside on the decking overlooking the Thames and drinking cool, refreshing cider.

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